IoSR Blog : 28 August 2013

The work so far ...

Here's a photographic update of the work done so far in Studio 3. This includes stripping out the existing floor and ceiling, stiffening the internal surfaces of the room, building a wooden frame for the acoustic treatment, fitting acoustic absorption, changing the airflow routing, putting in first-fix electrical cabling and fittings, fitting a wooden floor, fitting the wooden front wall, and fitting the rack and desk. Not much more to go now!

The room once the old acoustic absorbers were removed:

After the floor and ceiling were removed, a cable channel dug, and wood added to the internal walls to stiffen the structure:

This job's going to need rockwool. Lots of rockwool.

The internal timber framing that will hold the acoustic absorbers and will eventually be faced with fabric. Some absorber panels already in place:

The view from the entrance door at a similar stage:

Frame for one of the surround speakers:

A close-up of the hanging absorbers at the back of the room. These are plywood panels faced with rockwool that are suspended from the top of the wooden frame. They absorb low-frequency energy by converting pressure variations on the front surface into movement of the panels.

Most of the hanging absorption panels in place, and pipes redirecting the airflow fitted in the ceiling:

Close-up of the ceiling treatment, showing hanging absorbers and airflow pipes:

Oak floor fitted:

The racks being installed. Imagine these full of lovely outboard gear soon:

A close-up of the wooden front wall:

Most absorption fitted, and furniture starting to be installed:

The view from the entrance door at a similar stage:

by Russell Mason